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Here at Trevigue, all that separates you from the sand and glistening blue sea is the coastal footpath and that fresh Cornish air. We are proud to be one of the most idyllically located Bed & Breakfasts in Cornwall with the beach just a pebble’s throw away, but are coastal B&Bs in Cornwall becoming an endangered species?

Our truly beautiful coastal B&B near Crackington Haven exudes a very special charm thanks to its unique location and warm-as-toast Cornish welcome. There is no shortage of B&Bs in Cornwall but, due to everyone wanting to live in this ambrosial corner of the UK, some areas are becoming overdeveloped which can lead to obstruction and overcrowding of that highly sought-after seafront location. We’ve all heard the old ditty about turning up for your holiday and the reality is nothing like you’ve seen in the brochure. Some B&Bs state ‘close to the beach’, when in fact the sea and sand is so far away you may as well be squinting through a pinhole!

Remote Coastal B&Bs in Cornwall

Guests have described our rugged clifftop location as something out of a Daphne du Maurier novel and the surrounding views were said to inspire the bewitching poems and books of Thomas Hardy. We are custodians of this breathtaking clifftop location, and the 200 acres of National Trust land upon which we farm is protected meaning there will never be developments and our stunning unobstructed sea view is here to stay. On a clear day from the clifftop you can see all the way out to Lundy Island; a uniquely unspoilt island 12 miles from the mainland which is home to an bevvy of wildlife including deer, ponies, seals, dolphins and rare birds (and the famous Lundy puffin!).  

We take care to farm the land in harmony with nature to create a healthy, productive and wildlife-rich environment. When our herd of Ruby Red cattle graze the clifftop, they leave shortened grass and rich soil. This is the perfect place for the choughs (the national Cornish bird) to find worms, and we follow a careful program of steady rotation and use grazing patterns to build steady, productive soil which is great for supporting the ecosystem up here on our cliff. Our coastal location is the icing on the cake and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to not only have far-reaching pastoral views of rolling countryside, but we are also a coastal B&B in Cornwall right near a remote beach. Which is becoming a rarity these days.

B&Bs in Cornwall with a se view

Why is it Important to Be Near the Sea?

People like to live and holiday by the sea as it can boost mood, increase well-being and the sound of waves lapping the shore undoubtedly give a restorative and restful effect. It’s widely-known that living near the sea not only gives a sense of well-being but it can also benefit mental health. Staying near the sea promises a good night’s sleep because salty sea air is charged with healthy negative ions that accelerate the ability to absorb oxygen which in turn promotes a sound night’s sleep. Studies by Professor Amber Pearson revealed, “increased views of blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress”. Perhaps living by the sea gives more opportunity to be healthy because it’s more beautiful (a long walk along the cliff path is more alluring that a walk along the local high street), but whatever the reason, a Bed n’ Breakfast near the beach is definitely a huge pull when people choose where to spend their holidays. Here at Trevigue we don’t charge a premium for our unique proximity to the crashing Atlantic… it’s all part of the beauty of staying in a beautiful coastal B&B in Cornwall.

There is a definite British preoccupation with being near the water. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of seaside holidays; a visit to the sea evokes golden memories of children laughing, the jostle of fishing nets and sandy toes. The beauty of this coastal Cornish B&B is that you will be greeted by the rhythmic lulling of the ocean and the call of seabirds every single day, and it doesn’t get much better than that.  Whether coastal B&Bs in Cornwall are an endangered species or not, you can rest assured that a stay at Trevigue means you’ll enjoy the very best that this county has to offer…

Let us know your favourite beach in Cornwall over on Facebook or get in touch to book your next stay at Trevigue! We can’t wait to welcome you.