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The Joy of Working Farm Holidays in Cornwall

Taking a holiday is good for the soul, that much we know. But what can working farm holidays in Cornwall offer that other types of holiday don’t?

Trevigue offers our guests a true working farm holiday filled with heart and soul. We are the third generation of Crockers to act as custodians of this beautiful working farm, and we live and breathe our elegant 700-year-old farmstead and the surrounding pastures. Experiencing an authentic slice of life living on a working Cornish farm can create special memories to last a lifetime.

Children Love Farm Holidays

For families with children, a working farm holiday in Cornwall ticks all the boxes. There are wildflowers to smell and thick grasses to make into whistles, hills to roll down, daisy chains to make and animals to visit. Collecting still-warm eggs in the morning, coming face-to-snout with a fully grown pig and saying good evening to the cattle as they bed down for the night… wholesome farm holidays give children a taste of the country which will stay with them forever. Learning to appreciate the countryside and experience the natural rhythms of nature while staying on a real working Cornish farm is a truly magical immersive experience for the whole family.

Free range chickens north cornwall

Healthy and Restorative

Is there anything better than waking up and witnessing the Cornish countryside in all its glory? We bet there isn’t! Rolling green pastures, sea views for miles and the calming ambience of just being outdoors can improve the well-being of anyone who pays a visit to a working farm like Trevigue.

Breathing in the fresh Cornish air and spending your time stomping the cliff path is a beautifully restorative and healthful antidote to everyday life which can re-energise tired bodies and minds. Enjoy the wealth of pleasures that each season brings; from rolling around in the hay in the summer, to snuggling up next to the crackling fire with a good book in the winter. There’s simply nothing like it.

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Homemade Cornish Delicacies

One of the benefits of staying on a working farm B&B like Trevigue is that the delights to be found on the breakfast table are made/grown/reared right here on the farm. Foraging for ingredients up on our clifftop farmstay with the mighty Atlantic waves crashing in the background sounds idyllic, because it truly is. The fresh sea air, nourishing rain and long summer days filled with golden sunshine all combine to create the perfect environment for growing the tastiest Cornish produce.

We rear our own pigs which make the tastiest sausages and bacon, eggs are laid every morning by our gorgeous free range hens and jams and chutneys are lovingly created from the bounty of fruit we harvest from the orchard each Autumn. We are perhaps somewhat biased, but our homemade sausages are completely scrumptious and worth coming back for, as many of our returning guests will tell you!

a Cornish Bed & Breakfast

A Good Night’s Sleep

Our guests tell us that they sleep better here at Trevigue than they have done for years. We’re not sure why, perhaps it’s all that fresh Cornish air? Perhaps it’s the luxurious combination of carefully-chosen beds and crisp white linens? Or maybe it’s just the gentle lapping of the waves in the distance which lull them into such a deep restful sleep…

Whatever it is, staying on a working farm for your holiday in Cornwall ensures a deep sleep which will make you feel fresh and incredible! Take our returning guests’ word for it.

Autumnal Farm Stays

To really get the most out of your working farm holiday in Cornwall, we think that the bountiful Autumn months are when you can experience Trevigue at its most magical. After the Cornish sunshine has shone hard all summer long, the sea is at its warmest which makes wild swimming quite the treat, and most of the summer crowds have left (with only those-in-the-know remaining!).

As the weather starts to turn Autumn is a great time for embracing what nature has to offer on a Cornish farm stay. The hedgerows are bursting with juicy blackberries, the orchards have a glut of apples, and enjoying low-slung sunsets over rolling meadows as you sip a local cider is nothing short of perfection.

cornish farmstay holidays in autumn

The Cornish countryside is waiting to give you a big abundant welcome this Autumn, so book your stay before everyone else finds out and beats you to it!