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We are please to anounce that our bed and breakfast in Cornwall has won a four star rating with a Farmhouse designator AND in addition, we have the GOLD STAR AWARD!

Here is what the nice inpector said:

The purpose of the inspection to Trevigue was to assess suitability for appointment to the AA Guest Accommodation Scheme. A recommendation for a Four Star rating with a Farmhouse designator is made following this initial inspection. In addition, the Gold Stars Award has also been recommended. However, some minor minimum requirements, highlighted within this report, need to be fine-tuned as discussed. Physically, the house has been well maintained over the years & recent investment has further enhanced the overall quality. The room occupied was well appointed & offers a very good degree of free space & comfort; this coupled with a good range of amenities, a very comfortable bed & a delicious breakfast & dinner made for a pleasant & comfortable stay. In addition, guests have the use of a comfy lounge & reading room. Similar comments apply to the rest of the rooms in terms of quality and style, even though they are of different sizes. As discussed, the majority of the bathrooms need some further attention in order to increase their overall quality. Service was well paced and delivered with a smile! We wish you well and look forward to returning during the next cycle of inspections.

Down the Quality Standards Report here


Hospitality was strong with a good mix of professionalism, friendliness and willingness to please. Very good eye contacts, smiles and warmth.


Services met expectations and were delivered effortlessly. Good reservation procedure in place backed up by email communication. Arrival noted room escort, luggage assistance, orientation of room and public areas. Ensure that guests are registered at all time. Dinner service was attentive and well paced. Similar comments apply to breakfast service. Departure and payment were well managed.


A keen and dedicated housekeeper ensures that standards are extremely high here at all times! Care and attention to detail in the bedrooms and bathrooms impressed with all surfaces polished. More challenging areas, it was clear to see also received regular attention. Public areas too were of a very good standard with no major lapses noted. Grounds and gardens were virtually litter free.


Dinner was nicely prepared and beautifully served. Local and good quality produce is used. The breakfast buffet was well managed and presented. Very good choice of hot and cold items offered. My cooked breakfast was simply delicious and provided a good start to the day.


Bedrooms are all of a consistent standard although free space varies. Beds are well dressed, very comfortable & soft furnishings coordinate well. Furniture is of a good quality & décor was in good condition. Carpets were well fitted & comfortable underfoot. Please ensure that spare bedding is kept wrapped up whilst towels should not left in the bathroom.


Bathrooms are generally of a good size. Décor is well maintained but overall quality is weak when compared to the bathrooms. However, it was pleasing to learn that a revamp programme is soon to begin with the newly refurbished bathroom a very good example to follow. A facecloth would enhance, as well as better quality toiletry and power showers where possible.


A traditional and historic farmhouse of unquestionable beauty and interest. Plenty of parking space available whilst the internal courtyard is an extra asset.

Public Areas

The public areas offer a choice of rooms in which to relax, all rooms are well appointed and presented with personal touches, family pictures, interesting artwork, books, etc.

Dining Room

Like the rest of the public areas, the dining room is well maintained and presented. Tables are well spaced and dressed with tableware of a very good quality. Other features like fresh flowers and log burning stove add to the overall appeal.

How the Star Rating is Achieved

The star rating is reached by assessment of three elements: (1) Overall Quality (2) Critical Areas (the five Critical Areas of Quality, which are of particular importance – Cleanliness, Hospitality, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Breakfast (3) theProvision of Services & Facilities. We provided all the services and facilities for Guest Accommodation minimum entry (All Star Ratings).