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Here on our clifftop farm we’re blessed to have one of the most lust-worthy locations in Cornwall, perhaps in the whole of the UK! One of the most beautiful things about our coastal B&B Trevigue is that we are the third generation of Crockers to act as custodians of the farm, and we live and breathe this elegant 700-year-old farmstead. Trevigue is without doubt a working farm filled with heart and soul and we can’t wait to welcome you…

A Proper Cornish Working Farm

We love our herd of grass-fed beef cattle, adore our lifestyle and take meticulous care to ensure that we farm the land in a responsible and sustainable manner. We work with the elements up here on our clifftop farm to ensure that we work with nature rather than against it.

We are immensely proud of their beautiful herd of Pedigree North Devon Cattle (Ruby Reds). Each cow has a calf once a year, the female calves stay in the herd for their entire lifetime and the male calves leave the farm at 26-30months old when they go directly to a specialist butcher who only sells pedigree sustainable grass-fed beef (Piper’s Farm near Exeter).

ruby red cattle on a working farm in cornwall

The cows we farm have been natural inhabitants of this clifftop for 100 years so have a symbiotic relationship with the land upon which they graze. Studies suggest that beef from grass-fed cattle contains far more omega-3 (desirable), and far less omega-6 (undesirable) than industrially raised cows. Apart from this, grass-fed cows are better for the environment and produce superior tasting beef. Our cows have a bucolic pasture environment; remaining outside on the cliffs/fields for 12 months of the year means that they are the happiest (healthiest) cows around!

Aside from the cows, all manner of other wildlife inhabits our clifftop – bees can be seen happily buzzing about collecting pollen from the swathes of seapinks, buttercups and heather which surround our clifftop farm. Chickens run free in the courtyard and work hard to keep the garden looking beautiful by happily plucking the weeds and bugs- not only a natural way to keep the garden pest-free, but a perfect way to raise happy chickens. Our free-range hens are happy cluckers who provide the yellowest eggs that keep our bed and breakfast guests coming back time and time again.

Farming Trevigue is a real labour of love and this is demonstrated in the quality of the cattle and beautiful unspoilt surroundings which are the jewel in the crown of this very special farmstay accommodation. The bright sunny days on the cliffs in the spring and summer, gazing out to sea on a clear day looking at Lundy island, make it an amazing place to live and farm.

Clifftop Farm Accommodation in Cornwall

When you choose to stay at our beloved farmstay you’ll be made to feel part of the family. We welcome you to enjoy the Cornish way of life and can’t wait to watch the smile spread across your face as you turn into our ambrosial corner of Cornwall. This clifftop farm really is quite extraordinary and it’s just waiting for you to visit….

Get in touch to check availability and make your Cornish holiday dreams a reality 😊