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“The greatest luxury of all is solitude,” wrote Suketu Meht. Whether that be the solitude of a location or simply travelling alone, ‘solo travel’ is a phrase which conjures up butterflies of excitement in the intrepid (and nerves in the cautious). Here at Trevigue we believe that the cultural mistrust of solitude can mask its profound benefits. Indeed, solo travel in Cornwall can often open the door to many adventures which you perhaps wouldn’t experience in the same way if travelling with a partner.

Up to a third of Britons now travel solo. The freedom to meet new people, explore, and experience new places while travelling alone is a luxury, and Cornwall is the perfect destination to begin your solo journey. 2018 is as good a time as any to plan for a luxurious time of solitude for yourself – to balance your life and live just for YOU. Even for a weekend. Travelling by yourself is a fun and exhilarating experience.

The Luxury of Getting Away from It Allwild swimming in cornwall

As any economist will tell you, luxury is a function of scarcity – your alone time becomes more valuable when it is a seldom occurrence. If all of your time is spent alone then it becomes somewhat meaningless and doesn’t hold the same allure… life is all about moderation, and time spent in solitude is no exception. When was the last time you gorged yourself on that weekend book-reading marathon you’ve always dreamed of? When was the last time you went to the restaurant you wanted to visit, without compromising on taste? When was the last time you lost your inhibitions and went wild swimming with no one else around for miles? Sometimes it’s really nice to step away from the people and commitments who pull you every which way, to take time to re-discover yourself, if only for a weekend…

Three Reasons for Solo Travel in Cornwall

Travelling Alone Leaves You Open to Adventures

When travelling solo in Cornwall, you have the whole of the county to explore at your whim. Exploring Cornwall by train is a great way of seeing the sweeping coastlines and dramatic moorland vistas, and if you’re a solo traveller then a light-hearted chat to other travellers is a great way to become acquainted with the local area and to learn about all the local hotspots to visit. Being a solo traveller makes it much easier to interact with the local people and make new acquaintances. If driving is more your style, then you are completely free to do and go wherever you like and you are not bound by timetables or delays. Park up your vehicle anywhere that takes your fancy, sit back and just revel in the natural beauty and peace which surrounds you. However you choose to fulfil your long-awaited soulventure in Cornwall, solo travelling welcomes adventures by the bucketload.

Solo Travel in Cornwall Can Half the Cost of Travelling with a Partner

There’s nothing quite like discovering a new place on your own; taking it all in without anyone but yourself. Anyone who’s done it can tell you that the benefits of solo travel are endless. Whether you choose to stay in a B&B in Cornwall with awesome clifftop views or elsewhere, travelling solo can save you money. Lots of places grant solo travellers a ‘single person supplement’ (as we do here at Trevigue!), and you’ll be able to eat at the best restaurants and treat yourself to luxurious spa treatments (or whatever floats your boat) knowing that you’ll only be paying for one person.  When you travel on your own it is much easier to keep within your budget because you are the one who decides where to go and how. The luxury of solitude permits you additional luxurious touches when you holiday alone, and you just can’t beat that freedom.

Exploring Solo Will Give you a Confidence Boost

Travelling on your own can help you to take time out from your day-to-day life and really step back and reconsider what you want in life. Once you take the plunge of travelling solo, even if ‘just’ for a long weekend, you’ll feel empowered and invigorated by stepping out of your comfort zone. Experiencing solo travel in Cornwall will challenge your limits and give you new skills to deal with any obstacles you encounter on your journey. In turn this will make you a stronger person and help you grow both as a traveller and human being! Travelling can help to reduce stress, calm your mind and give you insights into the world around you. Solo travel in Cornwall is a brilliant way to start the new year and to find a new you.

Have you ever travelled solo? What were the best bits about it for you? We’d love to hear your solo travel experiences so please feel free to share below or over on our social media platforms; Facebook and Twitter. We can’t wait to hear your solo travel anecdotes!