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Stargazing is a simple pleasure, yet one which is guaranteed to stir the soul and reignite a deep wonder and appreciation of the magnitude and beauty of nature. North Cornwall is an ideal spot for gazing up at the enormous night sky above thanks to the lack of light pollution and minimal interference from outside influences. Up here on our enviable clifftop location near Crackington Haven, we are far enough away from main towns that the true breath-taking beauty of the dark velveteen sky pin-pricked by a million diamond-like sparkles can be seen in all its glory. September is when we’ve found you can see the most shooting stars and the skies are at their clearest- when the moon is full nothing beats curling up with a blanket and steaming cup of cocoa and gazing up at the star-speckled sky with your beloved… Here we explore the best spots for stargazing in Cornwall; just one of the many things to do whilst staying here at Trevigue Farm!

People have been looking at the night sky, telling stories, for the entirety of recorded human history. But when we moved into cities, we lost that deep connection with the universe

Astronomer, Steve Owens

Stargazing in Cornwall

Crackington Haven

Right here on our own clifftop is one of the best stargazing spots in Cornwall! The Need-Less dark sky simulator registers Crackington as 6.17 which makes it one of the darkest sites in Cornwall (even darker than Colliford Lake which is reputed to be one of the best spots to see the night sky and is just a short drive away from Trevigue). When staying here at our farmhouse B&B you will benefit from some of the starriest skies in the UK, and it doesn’t get better than that!

Distance from Trevigue Farmhouse B&B: 0 miles

Bedruthan Steps at Carnewas

This popular spot on the North coast of Cornwall was recently officially accredited with ‘Dark Sky Discovery’ status, meaning it is classed as one of the best stargazing locations in the UK by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. Carnewas is one of the most popular destinations on the Cornish coast and it’s easy to see why with its stunning views, breath-taking coastline, and a truly beautiful location for looking at the night sky above.

Distance from Trevigue Farmhouse B&B: 33 miles

Chapel Porth and St Agnes

Another spot which was accredited with ‘Dark Sky Discovery’ status is the coast of St Agnes and Chapel Porth; the area which is also famed for being the filming location for the recent Poldark television series. Head there just before nightfall and the lucky few among you might see some of the nocturnal wildlife which call this stunning natural landscape their home. The millions of stars seen in the vast night sky in St Agnes will take your breath away…

Distance from Trevigue Farmhouse B&B: 50 miles

Tintagel sunset

Tintagel and the Surrounding Cliffs

Famed for the legend of King Arthur and the magical history which surrounds this infamous spot, this top stargazing site in Cornwall boasts commanding views across the sea and a dramatic coastline which will inspire awe in all those who visit. On a clear night the galaxies and stars viewed from up here will seem other-worldly…

Distance from Trevigue Farmhouse B&B: 9 miles

The Cheesewring, near Minions

Famous beauty spot the Cheesewring is a stunning setting for a night of stargazing in Cornwall, boasting breath-taking views right across the whole of Bodmin Moor and miles from any light pollution or streetlights. Shooting stars and constellations a-plenty can be witnessed on a clear night for the plucky among you who venture out to Bodmin moor… just beware the rocky paths and steep climb, always take a torch and look out for high drops. Don’t forget to make a wish!

Distance from Trevigue Farmhouse B&B:  23 miles

Cheesewring sunset

So there it is; with its miles of uninterrupted coastline, vast expanses of countryside and night skies which seemingly stretch on forever and a day, Cornwall is without doubt one of the best places in Britain to enjoy stargazing on a clear night. We hope that you will enjoy some of the best stargazing spots in Cornwall whilst staying at Trevigue Farmhouse B&B, we’ll provide the cocoa!

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