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We feel extraordinarily blessed to live on a clifftop farm in North Cornwall with miles of stunning coastline on our doorstep. One of our favourite pastimes is setting off on coastal path walks to blow away the cobwebs and breathe in that restorative salty sea air. The coastal path runs right past our doorstep so it is temptingly simple to just don your walking boots and step out on your next adventure…

Walking the South West coast path can bring stunning new experiences and reveal the wildlife, heritage and geology of Cornwall. As the land gives way to the stunning coastline below, the shape of the cliffs which have been dictated by sea and time provide an awe-inspiring scenic journey which will fuel the soul and provide endless inspiration.

coastal path walks

3 of our Favourite Coastal Path Walks in Cornwall


1) Bude to Crackington Haven

A strenuous yet dramatically stunning cliff walk to inspire…

-Mileage 9.8 miles

-Difficulty Challenging

-Postcode for Parking EX23 8LG

-Route The deceptively simple start of this strenuous coastal path walk from Bude to Crackington Haven begins along the beach path from Bude to Widemouth Bay (approximately 11 miles drive from Trevigue). With steep valleys and rough sections (including Scrade which is one of the deepest most dramatic valleys on the Cornwall coastal path), this challenging coastal path walk invites you to explore the humbling strength of the ocean and the vast views of the Atlantic from your birds view vantage point. If you want to challenge yourself even more, you can carry on to Boscastle (which will increase your coastal path walk by nearly 7 miles).

-Points of Interest:

  • From atop the dramatic seapink-speckled cliffs at Phillips’ Point Nature Reserve keep your eyes peeled for grey seals who play in the waves and bathe on the rocks below.

  • The numerous waterfalls, including the concluding one at Aller Shoot, is a particularly beautiful feature of this most beautiful of coastal path walks from Bude to Crackington.

  • The kaleidoscopic swathes of clifftop heather when in its full glory during spring and summer is something truly beautiful to behold. The vibrant colours will take your breath away.

  • The valleys which punctuate this cliff walk are inhabited by numerous species of beautiful butterfly, so much so that Chipman Valley has been dubbed ‘Butterfly Valley’.

2) Hartland Quay to Bude

Shipwrecks, smuggling and geology…

– Mileage 15.2 miles

– Difficulty Intense

– Postcode for Parking EX39 6DU

– Route The contorted layers of rock at Hartland Quay are spectacle enough before you set off on this beastly stretch of coastal path walks (which is deemed the most difficult part of the whole South West coast path). With challenging climbs and descents, the exhausting walk is definitely worth the effort and you will reap the rewards with stunning views and breathtaking (sometimes literally!) sections. Unique to this section of the coastal path walk from Hartland Quay to Bude is the opportunity to spot over 150 shipwrecks which were lost on the rocky outcrops between Morwenstow and Bude over the years. At low tide you can spot the ‘ribs’ of boats and imagine dark tales of smuggling and treachery from times past…

– Points of Interest:

  • If you’re lucky enough to arrive at Duckpool during dusk in July, it is possible to see glow worms setting the skies alight. A rare and magical sight to evoke wonder in people from all walks of life.

  • The National Trust-protected Hawker’s Hut near Morwenstow provides a historic point of interest along this section of coast path. In the late 1800s Anglican clergyman Robert Hawker used this humble abode for writing, smoking, meditating and taking in those stunning coastal views.

  • Welcombe Mouth just over the border of Devon is a picturesque spot to sit and refuel with a picnic. This quiet unspoiled beach has lots of examples of geological interest and even a dramatic waterfall which tumbles onto the beach below.

  • St Catherine’s Tor on the Hartland Peninsula is often grazed by sheep but once upon a time it was rumoured to have had a Roman chapel on top. This stunning spot is dominated by hanging cliffs where seabirds swoop and wildflowers flourish on the clifftops.

3) Crackington Haven to Tintagel

Nature lovers will adore this magical walk of atmosphere and intrigue.

– Mileage 11.1 miles

– Difficulty Medium Difficulty

– Postcode for Parking EX23 0NU

– Route Nature lovers will delight in this most beautiful of coastal path walks as seabirds, rare breeds of sheep and even goats grazing the hillsides are common sights for walkers and wildlife aficionados alike. The views from atop the dramatic clifftops on this coastal walk are spectacular and will prove a popular lure time and time again. Beware however of straying off the main path however as the sheer drops to the rocks below are hazardous, especially in wet or windy weather. On reaching Tintagel, you will be able to feel magic in the air as this is the home of the legend of King Arthur. Enjoy dramatic sea views both from the castle ruins on the headland and island itself and feel the whispers of times past as it swirls around you…

– Points of Interest:

  • The highest cliff in Cornwall (the ingeniously named “High Cliff”) stands at over 700ft high and is a good spot for enjoying spectacular views across the Atlantic.

  • Our neighbouring cliff, Beeny, is a great spot for viewing seals and is also mentioned in the works of Thomas Hardy, “in all its chasmal beauty bulks old Beeny to the sky”

  • Twitchers will love the numerous birdlife that can be spotted whilst on this coastal path walk; buzzards, kestrels, peregrine falcons and guillemots are commonplace (don’t forget your binoculars!)

  • Once in Tintagel you can visit the ruins of the 12th century Tintagel Castle. The steep steps lead you up to the castle and the views are incredible and really highlights the importance and historic interest this stretch of Cornish coast really has.


We are looking forward to welcoming walkers, hikers and those with a penchant adventure to our little corner of Cornwall. The coastal path walks which can be enjoyed right from the doorstep here at Trevigue are nothing short of breathtaking and we love to share them with our guests. Get in touch today to book your next stay!

We thank Soulventure for inspiring this post!