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Our stylish Crackington Haven holiday cottage exudes heart and soul; its idyllic location provides a blissful antidote to everyday life for all those fortunate enough to visit. We have been welcoming guests to our clifftop farm for a long time now, it’s in our bones and we love what we do. Over the years we’ve learned a few simple holiday cottage tips, so we thought we’d share a few tips to help you holiday like a hero…

5 Crackington Haven Holiday Cottage Tips

1) Enjoy the Journey, not Just the Destination

When you choose to stay at our Crackington Haven holiday cottage you’ll be surrounded by a stunning natural paradise which stretches out before you for miles and miles. When planning your journey, we urge you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes you’ll encounter on the way – from the heart-stirring beauty of heather-strewn moorland to the quaint harbourside villages for which Cornwall is famed; don’t just blindly head down the motorway, instead why not schedule a lunch break, timely leg stretch? A pleasurable journey will set the tone for the rest of your relaxing stay and your holiday will feel like it has already begun before you arrive here at Trevigue.

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2) A Simple Hack for Sandy Toes

When we’ve been wearing shoes all winter, the first glimpse of spring sunshine makes us want to kick off our shoes and sink our toes into the golden sand to feel the freedom which comes with being barefoot.  We hope you’ll agree that sand-between-the-toes can feel heavenly, but sand can really stick! If you want an easy way to remove sand after being at the beach all you need is baby powder… yes really! Baby powder absorbs moisture which makes the sand less ‘sticky’ and easier to rub off your body. Baby powder can also help to get wetsuits on and off easily so be sure to grab yourself a bottle to use on the beach/utility room!

3) Remember Personal Home Comforts

When staying in a holiday cottage we know it’s important that you feel as comfortable as you do in your own home. For this reason, we make sure that the bookshelves are lined with page-turners and the coffee machine comes with starter pods so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee as soon as you arrive. We pride ourselves on the quality of our beds, pillows and linen so that everyone wakes up on the right side of the bed after a blissful night’s sleep. To augment your cosiness during your time staying here in Crackington Haven holiday cottage why not bring your own slippers and dressing gown? Many people forget these comforts when packing, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as sliding your feet into a well-loved pair of slippers after a busy day exploring, so remember to pack home comforts!

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4) Make Restaurant Bookings in Advance

Cornwall is a top foodie destination and a firm fixture on the gastronomic map thanks to the likes of celebrity chefs Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver opening restaurants here (with many other Michelin restaurants in Cornwall following suite). Visitors to Cornwall can sometimes underestimate just how busy Cornish restaurants can get (especially in the summer months!) so do your research in advance of your visit so you can book your meals out in advance. No one likes to set their heart on a delicious dinner at their chosen restaurant only to hear it’s fully booked! If you would like any assistance with choosing or booking a restaurant in Cornwall just get in touch prior to your visit and we’ll provide all the assistance you need.

5) Be Prepared for All Weathers

The UK heatwave has been absolutely fabulous and we’re thoroughly enjoying the Cornish sunshine we’ve been blessed with so far this summer. Taking full advantage of the beach on the doorstep of our Crackington Haven holiday cottage has been nothing short of magical, with sea swims, late night BBQs and sandcastle competitions a-plenty. However part of the reason that our clifftop farm thrives is thanks to the Cornish climate –  sunshine must be speckled with rain in order for the hedgerows and crops to become so lush and verdant. When packing your bags of course pack optimistically with sun cream, flip flops and swimsuits, but don’t forget to also pack a rain coat and walking boots for days when your sun hat needs to be swapped with a brolly!

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If you have any holiday tips you think would be useful for visitors to our Crackington Haven holiday cottage to know about please leave a comment below or head over to Facebook to let us know, we’ll be happy to hear your ideas!

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